How To Measure A Window For Blinds

Man Measuring Window For Blinds

When you’re buying blinds, it is important to take an accurate measurement of your window. Correctly measuring a window for blinds will ensure the blinds fit correctly and the room has a smart and aesthetic finish. With more and more suppliers requiring a measurement before you buy, knowing how to measure a window space for blinds is becoming a necessity for buyers. You’ll be pleased to know that measuring for blinds isn’t too difficult, and there are just a few steps you need to take to ensure you take accurate measurements.

Decide on your hanging style

Before you take any measurements, you first need to determine how you’ll hang the blinds. Outside mount blinds are hung above a window rather than within the window space itself, so you’ll require different measurements than you would for an inset mount.


The only measurements you’ll really need are the width and the length of the window. You can accurately read these measurements using a metal tape measure and someone to assist you.

While this sounds simple, it’s important to be thorough, especially if you believe your windows aren’t perfect squares or rectangles. It’s recommended you measure each window individually in three places – the top, middle, and bottom of the height and the width – to get accurate dimensions. The smallest measurement on either side will count as your ordering width and height measurements.

If you are installing an inside mount blind, you’ll also need to measure the depth of the window, and ideally, you’ll want a minimum depth of opening where the blind will be mounted. Your required depth will depend on the hanging system you choose and on the thickness of your desired material.

Don’t worry about making adjustments to the measurements. Your blind supplier will do that as part of ensuring the product fits.

Be aware of leaving space

An inside mount blind generally won’t require additional space, as it offers coverage without requiring any size adjustment. If you’re choosing coverings for a flush window or outside mount, leave a border of at least two inches on either side. This will ensure your blind blocks out light and maintains a proportionate appearance.

Consider the height

As an outside mount blind is hung above the window space, it gives you more flexibility with placement. You might think it’s best to hang it as close to the window as possible, but you could even hang it so it just touches the window edge when fully raised. This ensures it doesn’t block any light filtration into your space. An outside mount blind can provide the appearance of extra space, and can also conceal uneven windows or an unattractive trim.

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