How To Measure For Exterior Window Shutters?

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If you’re planning on purchasing exterior window shutters for your property, it is essential you measure the area correctly before ordering the shutters. In this guide, we cover how to measure for exterior window shutters.

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1. Measure the width of your window

Using a tape measure, measure the width of the window. You must decide whether you want the window shutter to cover the frame and trim of a window or the glass pane only. This is a personal preference though traditional exterior shutters usually only cover the window pane.

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2. Measure the height of your window

Measure from the highest point of your window to its end. As above, if you want the shutter to cover the entirety of the window, ensure you measure all of the window, including the frame and trim. If you do not want your shutters to cover your window frame, simply measure the height of the glass panels.

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3. Contact your manufacturer

If you are not confident in your measuring skills, or your windows are placed too high for you to safely measure them, try and get in touch with the manufacturer of your windows or look at the catalogue you purchased your windows from. The manufacturer should have records of the exact dimensions of your windows, saving you the hassle of measuring the window.

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4. Book a free measure service

Professional businesses that supply and fit exterior window shutters may also provide a free measure and quote service. This will ensure your window is measured by an expert and the shutters you purchase will be precisely the correct fit for your windows.

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How to measure a window that is an unusual shape?

If you have a window that is an unusual shape, for example, a bay or multi-angle bay window, you may have to slightly alter your measuring technique. To measure a window in an unusual shape:

      1. Measure the exterior width of the first windowpane, ensuring you measure the widest part of the window and not just its centre. Make a note of the width of this windowpane.

      2. Move on to the next frame, measuring the width of the window from where your last measurement ended (at the centre of the angle or meeting point of the two frames).

      3. Repeat this process until you have measured all frames of your window. Add up the measurements and this will be your overall width requirement for your shutters.

      4. Measure the height of all the frames and ensure to note down if any of the frames differ in height as you may need to order shutters in multiple lengths.

Measuring bay windows can be difficult, so it is advisable to book a professional measure and quote service instead of attempting to measure the window yourself.

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Get in touch with d-bLINDS

At d-bLINDS, we believe in providing high-quality exterior shutters at the best price possible. No matter the size or shape of your window, we can provide a free measure and quote service and expertly measure your windows for you. To find out more about the exterior shutters we can fit and install, get in touch with our team today.

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