Pros And Cons Of Plantation Shutters

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Window coverings can help to rejuvenate a room instantly, improve property value, and even give you the control you desire over room temperature, natural lighting, and privacy. But there are so many different kinds of window coverings on offer that you can often be spoilt for choice.

So, which is the best kind for you? When it comes to affordable and versatile window coverings, there are few better choices than plantation shutters.

d-bLINDS have put together a complete guide to plantation shutters, including their pros and cons, so you can make up your own mind.

What are plantation shutters?

These are fixed runners of timber, aluminium or faux wood slats that are attached to windows using metal fittings. The slatted blinds sit inside of their own frame and are drilled into your windowsill. Unlike blinds which are flexible and usually just fitted to the top of your window, plantation shutters are a more traditional choice. 

Pro: They are easy to clean

Plantation shutters require very little upkeep and can be kept dust-free with just the occasional wipe down with a cloth or tumble dryer sheet. Unlike blinds which can become tangled, broken or dirty very easily, shutters are fixed in place, which allows for considerably less maintenance.

Con: They cannot be easily changed

Because plantation shutters are fitted directly to your windowsill or door frame, it can be a difficult job to remove and replace them. There are other ways to update them that require less work, however. For example, you can paint them or decorate them with spray paint, mirror glass, or even hanging charms.

Pro: They are very durable

Unlike fabric options, these solid shutters are made from materials that will not absorb unpleasant odours. This not only gives them a longer life smelling fresh but means that they won’t fade as fast.

Moreover, because they are fitted permanently to the frame, there are fewer moving parts that can become faulty over time.

Con: They are difficult to fit by yourself

To make sure that plantation shutters are fitted safely and properly to your windowsill without causing structural damage or threatening the integrity of the installation, you should always have shutters fitted by a professional, such as d-bLINDS.

Pro: They offer improved temperature control

The major benefit of shutters is that they have greater insulation than many other adjustable window coverings. To gain the most heat from outside, you should tilt the slates fully open to allow natural light and warmth to reach the window. When it’s colder, you can fully close them and retain more heat in the room.

For top-quality plantation shutters in Toowoomba, visit d-bLINDS today and add a little modern comfort to your home. If you have any queries or want to find out more about our plantation shutters, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our customer service team.


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