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We Fit Awnings in Homes & Businesses

At d-bLINDS in Toowoomba, we supply and fit awnings for homes and businesses throughout the Darling Downs and Lockyer Valley region—including Dalby, Highfields and Warwick. We supply both aluminium awnings and fabric awnings.

Our friendly, experienced team will be happy to help you determine which option is best for you. We customise awnings according to your exact needs and offer a variety of colour, style and size options.

Professional & Experienced Awning Installations

Our awnings are 100% quality all the way—durable, practical and visually appealing. Once installed by our professional team, your awning will really deliver when it comes to value for money, giving you unsurpassed protection from the sun.

Green and White Awning Installed on New Home
New Painted Red Roof Awnings

Our Aluminium Awnings

CSIRO testing shows that an aluminium awning can deflect up to 90% of heat that would otherwise transfer through your window.

So, if you’re looking for comfort during Queensland’s hot summer months without running your air con full blast, d-bLINDS aluminium awnings are the perfect solution.

Our Fabric Awnings

A fabric awning is the more classic option. Awnings have a lengthy history and fabric awnings were popularised on American storefronts during the 1800s.

When it comes to functionality, the ability to raise and lower a fabric awning to deal with heat and glare is a standout winner. The beauty of fabric awnings is obvious.

And of course, with a wide range of fabric colours and patterns, you can easily find the look that will add the right note at your home or business.

Awnings On The Window of Brick Home
Sideview of Awnings on Brick House

Make Your Awning Choice With Ease

Choosing the style of awning that will best suit you can be dictated by the look you’re after or the degree to which your property is exposed to the elements.

Aluminium could be the way to go where durability is your main concern. You might also choose powder-coated aluminium to match the existing use of Colorbond at your premises.

Price should not be the deciding factor. We make sure our prices are always well within reason. Our business is here today thanks to happy customers.

We supply and install enviable awnings at affordable prices, and we’re here to help you get what’s best for your windows.

Benefits of Awning Installations

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Home Privacy

Whether you’re a homeowner or commercial customer, awnings offer many advantages. For residential customers especially, they offer an element of discretion which allows you to retain some privacy from your neighbours.

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Help to Retain Heat

Irrespective of whether you opt for fabric or aluminium designs, awnings can offer warmth on cool evenings. They will retain up to 10-20% of the sun’s heat after it goes down, which means you can also save money in the winter months by reducing your reliance on heaters in outdoor spaces.

Protection from Inclement Weather

You won’t have to stress about the weather when it comes to gatherings again because, as well as protecting you from the sun, awnings also shield you from other inclement weather.

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Form & Function

Perhaps one advantage that many overlook is an awning’s ability to combine form and function. We offer a wide range of options for you to choose from and will always take your vision into account.

Are you looking to install quality awnings at your home or business? Give us a call today on (07) 4633 3666.

Unique Awning Options Tailored to You

At d-bLINDS, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide bespoke awnings in Toowoomba. We achieve this through on-site consultation and our very own DIY facility.

To make sure that you make the right choice, we work with you at every stage of the installation process. Some of the questions we’ll ask you include: would you prefer a cassette or non-cassette awning? How would you like your awning to be operated? Manual or electric?

These questions will ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Of course, if you’re unsure about what awning is best for your needs, we’re happy to provide you with expert advice and guidance.

Landscaping On Front Of The House
Commercial Building Installed with White Awning

Plenty of Awning Styles to Choose From

Lateral arm awnings: retractable arms unfold the fabric when in use. This option provides great coverage and is ideal if you’re wanting a more minimalist design.

Canopies: A simple awning option ideal for small spaces and windows.

Pergola awnings: A more costly option, these awnings are fixed in place and cover all sides. They may include glass and are great for creating an extra room outdoors.

Italian: we’re all aware of the classic Italian-striped awning style, complete with two side arms to support the fabric.

No matter if you choose aluminium or fabric awnings, or opt for flamboyant colours over natural hues, d-bLINDS will always ensure that your awning is of the highest quality.

To turn your outdoor vision into reality, contact us at d-bLINDS in Toowoomba today.

Why Choose d-bLINDS?

Our awnings are 100% quality all the way—durable, practical and visually appealing. Once our professional team finish the installation, your awning will really deliver when it comes to value for money and giving you unsurpassed protection from the sun.

Free Awning Measure & Quote

Get in touch today. We’ll happily come out to see you, measure up and quote for your new awning.

Ask any questions you need to. In order to get the best results for your awning needs, we’ll make sure arriving at an informed decision will be a breeze for you.

Installation Of Awnings

Awning FAQs

The decision is yours to make based on your outdoor climate. Unfortunately, fabric awnings are not able to withstand particularly foul weather conditions if not looked after properly. If left up, they can collapse from the built-up weight of snow or be blown down by strong gales. If you want a covering which will protect your windows from extreme weather conditions, aluminium awnings can do a better job, but it is still recommended to put them down in more extreme situations. Fabric awnings are easier to roll up and protect in cases, and often look more aesthetically pleasing than aluminium awnings on shop fronts, so make your choice wisely.

Awnings can be made of many different kinds of fabric, but the primary three are canvas, vinyl and acrylic. There are pros to each one, and it is important that you consider the benefits and disadvantages of each before buying. Canvas is best for use in indoor shopping malls where the fabric will not get wet and mouldy, whereas vinyl is waterproof and great for use outdoors. If you live in a windy area, acrylic awnings are best suited to your property due to their ability to resist mild to moderate winds. Ultimately, you have a choice to make based on your locational circumstances.

Cassette awnings are made of fabric. They are fully retractable and can be pulled back into a plastic encasing to avoid any damage from the weather when not in use. This can be done either through manual or electric work, both of which we can offer. Non-cassette awnings don’t have this feature and are left exposed to the elements and dirt when not in use. They are the cheaper option but have little protection, which means they have shorter lifespans than the cassette or semi-cassette options.

We offer all kinds of coloured fabrics for our awnings; the possibilities are endless! From funky primary colours of red, blue and green to modest, natural shades of beige and grey, you are bound to find what you are looking for here with us. If there is one you currently have in mind, ask one of our friendly team members whether the colour you fancy is in stock. If not, we can most likely source it for you.

There is no one-price-fits-all when it comes to awnings. Although we try to make our range as affordable as possible, they can cost anywhere between $100 to $1,000 depending on your choice. With so many different sizes and types available, you are best asking us directly for a quote. Just tell us the measurements of the area you want under the awning and the material you would like, alongside any specifics with cassette or non-cassette features.