What Are The Best Blinds And Shutter For Summer?

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We understand just how hot it can get in Toowoomba throughout the summer months. It’s important that you choose an adequate blind solution to keep your home sheltered from the stifling humidity.

There are several blind and shutter options to choose from in summer that can be designed according to your budget and aesthetic requirements.

Here are five blinds and shutters to reduce heat levels in your home throughout summer periods.

1. Cellular blinds

Cellular blinds are specifically designed to filter the light that enters your home. They have a honeycomb cell design that makes them energy-efficient in both the winter and summer months. This is because they trap air – preventing humidity levels from rising in the summer and acting as an insulator in the winter.

In summer, cellular blinds provide UV protection and reduce the effects of sun damage. The mono cord control means they’re easily adjustable so you can control heat levels with minimal effort. With everything from blackout fabrics to opaque designs, there are several options to choose from when it comes to cellular blinds – making them stylish and functional!

2. Roman shades

Roman shades are constructed using mounting slats that stack on top of one another when opened. They are attached to your window and prevent the sun from entering through side slats.

Roman shades have a smooth visible appearance which means they complement the most refined aesthetics. They are backed with a liner which gives them black-out capabilities.

3. Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds are an incredible option when it comes to reducing heat in your home. The tilt function allows homeowners to control the amount of heat and light that filters into their homes. They function as blackout blinds when the slats are completely closed.

Their heat reduction properties are maximised when purchased in aluminium rather than wood. This is because wood can deteriorate or begin to warp with excessive heat exposure.

4. Awnings

Awnings are a good, all-year-round investment that protect you from all the harsh weather conditions thrown your way. This includes excessive sun, wind, and rain.

When attached to the exterior of your home, awnings can provide adequate shade – allowing you to sit outside with minimal sun exposure. There are several types of awnings to choose from to complement your home or business aesthetic.

5. Blackout roller blinds

Blackout roller blinds are able to stop heat and light from entering a room and are a good choice for homeowners looking to optimise privacy.

These blinds work by preventing UV rays from entering your home completely, meaning remove the risk of sun damage. They ensure that your rooms remain cool and dark and come in a range of styles – including sunscreen fabrics!

Sunscreen roller blinds are made from a translucent fabric that’s capable of blocking heat and solar rays better than any other blind. They ensure you have plenty of light in your home and a great view of your exterior.

Looking for blinds and shutters that are great in summer? d-BLINDS has a wide range of options for you to choose from. Get in touch with us today on 07 4633 3666 or email enquiries@dblinds.com.au for more information.


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